SuzyQ Doughnuts

I first discovered SuzyQ Doughnuts in 2012. Of course, given that they opened for business in 2012, it would have been impossible to have discovered them any earlier, try as I might.

The business first inherited the shack in Westboro that had been home to Hintonburger. Intrigued, my wife and I had dropped in and been floored by the small, but top quality selection of doughnuts. As it turns out, owner Susan Hamer had borrowed an old Scandinavian preparation method from her mother, and what resulted were light, melty sugary treats, each armed with a unique flavor profile. I’m not a big dessert guy – but if you’re gonna do it, do it right!

suzyqI wasn’t alone in my opinion. As word spread, so did the lines, with weekends sometimes getting so intense that people would be flooded all the way out into the streets waiting their turn. It was clear something needed to change, so they packed their bags, and east. About 50 feet east, all the way to 969 Wellington St. W.

Last weekend, my wife and I decided to check out the new location. We hadn’t been to SuzyQ in over a year, and we were curious to see if the sleek new building had changed anything. These people were rock stars now, did they still have time to worry about petty little things like “quality”?

As it turns out, yes. My eyes about popped when I opened the doors, and realized they were living out any baker’s dream. The display cases were loaded with visually appealing doughnuts, separated elegantly to ensure stunning sharp color contrasts were present.


With nearly 20 different flavors to choose from, my wife and I needed to formulate a game-plan. Trying all of them would be impossible, given that the sugar alone would be akin to inducing coma. But narrowing it down seemed like an impossible task. We settled on getting a box of 6, where each of us would choose 3. From there, we’d cut them in half, allowing us to sample a wide-array of flavors over the next couple of days.


It didn’t take long before we’d each decided to try our first piece. To no one’s surprise, I dove right into the spicy pineapple – which featured an incredibly sweet, ripe pineapple flavor, accented with a really light sprinkling of some sort of red pepper. The “spicy” part is quite mild, but it’s a doughnut, not a chicken wing!

Honestly, they were all great, and they all held up well over the next 2 days until we were able to finish them off. Every one of them were exactly what I’d look for given their names; from the slightly tart bumble berry, to the cool mint grasshopper, to the rich dark chocolate and coffee of the dirty chocolate.

suzyq4In a time when the doughnut industry is dominated by the factory produced giants like Tim Horton’s and Dunkin Donuts, it’s great to see an entrepreneur bring it home and back to basics. Simple, classic, artisan treats. A lot of people say you can’t put a price on quality, but SuzyQ sells it by the half dozen for $12.

Address: 969 Wellington Street W.
Facebook: suzyqottawa
Twitter: @suzyqdoughnuts

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