Strawberry Blonde Bakery

If my wife’s enthusiasm for baked goods is to be taken as gospel, then 98% of the female populace is cuckoo for cupcakes. While I’m not the dessert hound that she, or the folks in my circle are, it does mean that I spend far too much time in and out of bakeries.

The best part about starting this blog so far has been becoming more aware of all the local spots that I never knew existed before. When Strawberry Blonde Bakery started showing up regularly on my Twitter feed, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was going to take m’lady down for a drive to check it out.

Strawberry Blonde is a specialty bakery, catering to dietary restrictions. They use no gluten, no nuts, and it’s vegan friendly. As food allergies have been brought further to the forefront, having businesses like this is not only appreciated, but it’s become a necessity.

The storefront is a perfect representation for the business inside; small, but exceptionally bright in color, and welcoming. We’d been inside all of 2.7 seconds before my wife began letting out ecstatic “oh my god”‘s at regular intervals.

The store is beautifully arranged with their goods laid out. Baking without gluten and eggs is challenging, and most of the time the flavor or texture winds up suffering. Not here. Working with a number of skilled laborers, they’ve managed to re-create treats like scones, pies, muffins, graham crackers, and breads. They also offer dinner staples like hamburger buns and pizza dough.

We were immediately welcomed by a smiling young lady, who seemed to take a great deal of joy in showing my wife all the different options around the store. While she tried to narrow down her choice of snack, I looked at the flour caked cutting boards, and 4 large stand mixers, with a small crew of busy ladies working away, and took admiration. These are folks who are able to work in an industry they love, and it showed on their faces.

We tried the Scone of the Day, which was a seasonal strawberry rhubarb. Absolutely delicious, with big chunks of tart fruit cutting through the dried, but sweet pastry. We wanted to try their Nanaimo bar, but we were on our way to an Ottawa Champions afternoon baseball game, and the 34 degree heat would have turned it into a puddle of mud before we’d have a chance to enjoy it.

I guess the bonus in limiting our first take-away is that it gives us a reason to pop back in periodically. Besides, I’m hearing Twitter rumblings that my favorite summer treat, ice cream is on the way. If they give it the same love they do everything else, I’m down.

Address: 114B Grange Ave
Facebook: StrawberryBlondeBakery
Twitter: @blondebaking

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