The Foolish Chicken

It was 9 years ago today that The Foolish Chicken opened their doors, and became the place to get chicken and ribs in Westboro.

I have warm feelings about the Foolish Chicken. On one of my first dates with my wife nearly 6 years ago, we hit it up, looking for a local alternative to St Hubert or Swiss Chalet. I fondly remember getting succulent, perfectly prepared rotisserie chicken, and slow cooked ribs. The food was to die for.

IMG_3664The Foolish Chicken looks more like a renovated townhouse than a restaurant, relying solely on a painted wooden sign advertising their food, and the smells spilling out into the street, beckoning passers by to come in.

It’s a family owned location, with Rick Boland and Natalie Aucoin on site nightly; waiting and serving customers with the same passion for the business that you’d expect they shared the first night they opened.

We were seated promptly, and I knew for the sake of this review I’d be doing a disservice by ordering anything other than the signature chicken, and I had to try the beans, which is my favorite side-dish in accompaniment to any good BBQ. My wife got the wrap, with their potato wedges, and a side of gravy. I skipped on the coleslaw because mayonnaise and I are not friends, and I refuse to even hang out in the same social circles that mayo tries to sneak into.

IMG_3667The chicken was exceptionally well done; and while the breast had dried just a little (as it is prone to doing since it is such a lean cut), the wing was really tasty and made me wish for more. The cornbread wasn’t too sweet, which is a good thing, as I find a lot of folks overdo their recipe to the point it almost become a like a gritty cake. They were baked in as mini-muffins, and my only complaint is that I wish they’d come with two!

The beans tasted more like traditional canned beans than something homemade; and I suspect that’s because the base is a lot sweeter than most recipes.

IMG_3666I tried a couple of the potato wedges and gravy. The potato wedges are standard, cooked well enough to have a good crunch on the exterior and a fluffy interior. I loved the gravy, which was heavy on all the great classic chicken flavors you’d expect; sage, rosemary, and black pepper. My wife found the spices overpowering, but I felt it was a wonderful accompaniment – so tastes may vary here.

IMG_3668I wish we’d had room for dessert; but I don’t have the iron gut of my youth so we had to pass. They are renown in the area for their homemade desserts, and I can vouch for the amazing Snickers Pie which is to die for.

Most of the meals run around $15, though you’ll pay a little more for the ribs. However, if you go tonight (June 27), they’re having an anniversary special where they’re offering a chicken dinner for just $9, which is an incredible deal given the quality of food and service you’ll be getting. Just do me one better than I did, and leave room for dessert. You’ll be happy you did.

Address: 79 Holland Ave
Facebook: The-Foolish-Chicken-192184787491219
Twitter: @Foolish_Chicken

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