I’m not a breakfast guy by nature, most often setting on a bagel, or some hot oatmeal to get me through until lunch time. Periodically though, I’ll suddenly have the craving for a big heavy breakfast with all the standard fare; pancakes, bacon, potatoes … which is exactly where I found myself last weekend.

IMG_3754I scanned my Twitter feed to see who was going to jump off the page, and Flapjack’s were the winner of the day. I’d never been to Flapjack’s, only becoming aware of them recently when I took a long walk through Little Italy. They jumped right out at me, with bold vibrant signs featuring a burly lumberjack, making it clear that if you’re fixin’ for a big Canadian breakfast and have brought an appetite beyond that of a nursing mother moose, this was your stop.

F9RWWHYGB5HDRU9.MEDIUMWe went late on a Saturday morning, which was in the heart of the hangover rush. There’s about 20 tables, and the place was full – always a good sign. With about 5 customer groups to serve before us, it took about 20 minutes to get seated. I took that time to eyeball the decor; which I’d describe as “Cracker Barrel Lite”. Vintage signage lined the walls, and they even had that annoying Triangle Peg game that is a staple at every Cracker Barrel location I’ve ever been to.

IMG_3757Once seated down, we got our drink orders within about 10 minutes. I decided to try their Maple Iced Coffee, and that turned out to be a svelte decision. It was an exceptionally light coffee blend, with a shot of real maple syrup mixed into the works, giving you the flavor profile of a melted Tim Horton’s Iced Cap. I slowly sipped it while we waited for our food.

The service was very slow that morning; and while I don’t know if that’s standard, it’s something to keep in mind if you’re in a hurry. From the time we ordered breakfast until its arrival was nearly 50 minutes, which was about an hour and a half after we’d arrived at the restaurant (including the table wait time). It wasn’t limited to us; every table was served in priority of when they placed their order. It was a relief when a smiling chef, who I believe is the owner, popped his head out from the back with the gargantuan plate we were sharing.

IMG_3759We ordered the Breakfast Plate ($17.95), with the eggs on the side for my wife as I react badly to them. It ran the gamut of Canadian staples, from the thick cut bacon, sausages, ham with a maple glaze, homefry poutine with hearty cheese curds, and their take on pancakes. It was awesome! The pancakes are thick, but small in diameter; maybe a little bigger than a mason jar lid. They are versatile, pulling double duty between being the main attraction, to working as the exterior to a breakfast sandwich. But despite the near half inch thickness, they were light, fluffy, and dusted with powdered sugar.

IMG_3760The homefry poutine was neat, as they took hand-sliced potatoes, fried them until they had a nice crunchy exterior, and then covered them with gigantic curds and a rich brown gravy. It’s hard to see it buried under the mass of components in my pictures, but the portion was hearty.

Even between the both of us, we weren’t able to finish everything, which speaks to the appetite you’ll want to bring. Breakfast is available all day, right up until close, perfect when you’re in the mood for a giant plate of happiness. Options are creative, ranging from the Canadian Panburger served between two pancakes, to their battered bacon strips, to the wild milkshake creations like the smores with the toasted marshmallow top. Just make sure you’re ready to wait, or you might turn into a real life Snickers commercial.

Address: 354a Preston St
Facebook: FlapjacksCanadianDiner
Twitter: @CanadianDiner

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