Special food events

Capital Ribfest Day 1: Bad Wolf Barbecue

Hold up – I know you’re already asking “didn’t he JUST review Ottawa Ribfest?” Absolutely – last month, Ottawa Ribfest took over the downtown area like a 1950’s magician, appearing in a puff of smoke. But, mayor Jim Watson, always in favor of heightening the Ottawa festival scene, gave the thumbs up for a second event, the Capital Ribfest, nestled on the front lawn of City Hall, snugly set between roughly 8,000,000 Pokemon Go players.

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Ottawa Ribfest Day 2: Bone Daddy’s

The Porkapolypse has officially taken over the downtown core. It’s mesmerizing. Yesterday, I was able to navigate the crowds with ease; as dark clouds shook an angry fist at the potential spoils of drowning in hog heaven. Today, with the sun shining, thousands of downtown workers had overtaken the Sparks Street area, making it difficult to wiggle through from booth to booth.

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