Ottawa area restaurants

Ottawa Ribfest Day 2: Bone Daddy’s

The Porkapolypse has officially taken over the downtown core. It’s mesmerizing. Yesterday, I was able to navigate the crowds with ease; as dark clouds shook an angry fist at the potential spoils of drowning in hog heaven. Today, with the sun shining, thousands of downtown workers had overtaken the Sparks Street area, making it difficult to wiggle through from booth to booth.

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One of the best cultural phenomenons to begin sweeping Ottawa is the food truck revolution. Prior to 2013, most of the trucks you’d find in the city carried your local staples: fries, poutine, and hot dogs. However, as brick and mortar prices continue to soar to new highs, many fantastic local chefs drew inspiration from the food movement that was capturing the big cities throughout the United States, and moved on to food trucks.

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Whassup Dog?

Every Monday night, I play Sports Trivia with a friend of mine at the Royal Oak on Wellington. As the weather has improved, I’ve started making the trek on foot, from my downtown office to the Oak. Along the way, I make it a point to check out the various shops and restaurants that line each of our city’s neighborhoods; from the traditional Italian fare on Preston, to the mix of classy and shady through Chinatown, and eventually into the Hipster world of Westboro.

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