Brick and mortar restaurants

Philippines: Masu Cafe

I’ve been sick for the last several days with some sort of seasonal bug that’s hitting everyone in my neck of the Philippines. When everything is stuffed up, there’s nothing that makes me feel whole again quite as much as spicy food. So when one of my co-workers suggested that we go for dinner at the Masu Cafe on Saturday night, I happily accepted!

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Philippines: Jollibee

Fast food is exceptionally popular in the Philippines. It may be an oddity given that this is a country where food is meant to be used as a tool for sharing, togetherness, and family. However, with a strong Catholic populace, and an ever increasing American influence, fast food has exploded since the early 80’s, and you’d be hard pressed to find a corner in the country that doesn’t have a quick, greasy option.

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Syracuse, New York: Eva’s European Sweets

My wife is Polish, her grandmother an immigrant, coming to Canada shortly after the second world war. Her family has maintained their roots, and are proud of their heritage. When I met her, I was introduced to a wide world of Polish cuisine that I not only had never eaten, but in a lot of cases wasn’t even aware of. Now, I anticipate every Wigilia when I’m given the chance to eat my weight in mushroom naleśniki, and pierogi.

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