Washington, DC: Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken

On March 20th, my wife and I welcomed our first son, Noah. To say it’s been a life-changing event would be minimizing the impact he’s had on us. Suddenly, every movement we make is consumed with the second thought of how we need to incorporate our newborn in our plans. After a couple of weeks of trying to figure out this whole gig of being parents, we figured the best thing we could ultimately do was just continue to live our lives the way we normally would, bringing our baby boy along for the ride. And, with the dawn of a new spring comes a new baseball season, and with it, new road trip opportunities for a couple of travel junkies. With a 4-day weekend over Easter, we took off for the nearest city whose Major League stadium we hadn’t checked out, which in this case was Washington, DC.

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